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photographer, artist, thinker, northerner

As Rob™, I'm a photographic artist living in the rural North-West of England.

After leaving school, I studied graphic design before drifting into a career in engineering. Some years later, I picked up a camera again in order to break away from the rigid constraints and structure of the purely technical and return to something wholly more creative.

My aim is generally to record the journey: the road trip or just getting from A to B geographically, temporally or metaphorically, and the things I see there, so that I might provide sense to that journey. Occasionally I'll try different things.

If you are interested in purchasing prints, would like to host an exhibition of work or have more general comments on this website or its contents, please use the contact form to get in touch.

Important note: Obviously I don’t really have the trademark on the name "Rob". It started out as a bit of an ironic joke but sort of stuck.

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